photo: Miguel Fernández Flores


Javier Piñango (Madrid, 1962), director of the international, experimental music festival Experimentaclub ( and is in charge of the diffusion and promotion project of experimental music which goes by the same name. Besides this, he co-directs the iberoamerican project of artistic exchange and cultural cooperation Experimentaclub LIMb0.

He has been working for the last 25 years in the Spanish avantgarde sound scene tackling it from all the available angles: as an artist, a cultural programmer, a creator of music labels (Triquinoise, Por Caridad Producciones or exp_net, Experimentaclub's netlabel), music journalist, etc.

As musician Javier Piñango is working under the generic title i.r.real and he has several published works so far: "i.r.real . uno" (end 2010), "i.r.real . dos" (may 2011), "i.r.real . tres" (december 2011), the three of them with exp_net; "i.r.r_soma" (mp3 single, Micro Ediciones, Fuga Discos, Buenos Aires, 2012), "i.r.real metal music" (Hazard Records, 2012) and "i.r.real space music" (Audiotalaia, 2013). Also he has published a new album with David Paredes: "tRAVEL" (Hazard Records, 2013).

2012: a new collaboration project with Edu Comelles called Rally!, with a record in exp_net published on june 2012, and a new album called "BullDozer" on 2014 (suRRism-Phonoethics).

End 2014: "i.r.real 6: transcontinental electronic flight" (Audiotalaia).

2015: seventh album of i.r.real project, "i.r.real 7" (Plus Timbre), and live impro album with Ernesto Ojeda: "Concierto para dos MS-20" (Hazard Records).

2016: "i.r.real 8" (Plus Timbre) and "Two Unfocused Cardinal Points" in collaboration with Juan Antonio Nieto (CD published by Marbre Negre).

2017: "síntesis del afilador" (Auriculab) and "Extractos de una improvisación" in collaboration with David Area (Gruppo Ungido). Residencia In Promptu (El Sauzal, Tenerife) with Atilio Doreste, José Guillén, Tony Peña and Juan A. Miñana.