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The North American Wade Matthews, resident in Madrid, is one of the most relevant and restless names in improvised music.


The North American composer and improvisator Wade Matthews (winds, electroacoustic elements), lives in Madrid since 1989, he is Doctor in Musical Arts by the Columbia University of New York, where he wrote a thesis about the musical improvisation guided by electronic sounds. It is in the field of electroacoustic where Matthews finds the pleasure of directly working with noise as an expressive material. In the same way as through free improvisation he discovers the freedom that allows him to assume the responsibility and the necessary compromise to elaborate such a personal music open to collaborations with other musicians and other arts, as dancing, poetry and installations.
Once he was installed in Madrid he centered particularly on free improvisation. Towards the end of the 80s Matthews (wind) creates the trio Zyklus (name borrowed from a work by Stockhausen) with the double bass player Baldo Martínez and the drummer and percussionist Pedro López. In 1990 they record a first album with the title "Interface", fusing in it jazz and improvised music with elecroacoustic elements.
He has done plenty of concerts both solo (London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Berlin, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, etc) and with his different groups, including among these his duets with the British violin-player Phil Durrant, with whom he has performed in London and Madrid, the Spanish dancer Elena Alonso, with whom he has performed in Berlin, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela and Girona; and the North American flute-player Jane Rigler. He has also worked sometimes with European improvisators like Burkhard Beins, Michael Renkel and Peter Kowald (Germany), John Butcher, John Edwards or Steve Noble (United Kingdom), Butch Morris (USA), Agustí Fernández (Spain), etc. And also with plastic artists such as Eva Lootz, Manolo Quejido or Evaristo Bellotti.
Wade Matthews has taken part in several festivals such as Experimental Intermedia Foundation (New York), Musique et Quotidien Sonore (Albi, France), Drodessera (Italy), Experimentaclub'02, Hurta Cordel, Puntos de Encuentro, La Alternativa and Madrid en Danza/Espacios Insólitos (Madrid), Nuevas Propuestas Sonoras (Huelva, Spain), Grec, Improvisa and Música Experimental en Metronom (Barcelona), Actual (Logroño, Spain), Música Española del Siglo XX (León, Spain), Ressò (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), Música Trece (Girona, Spain) or Em Pe de Pedra (Santiago de Compostela, Spain). He has also performed in cycles of concerts such as K-77 and Loplop (Berlin), London Musician's Collective, Moppomosso and Civilization West (London), La Flibuste (Toulouse), Gràcia Territori Sonor, I.B.A. and Transformadors (Barcelona), Paralelo Madrid and Música en Cruce (Madrid)...
Matthews has recorded many sessions for the BBC in his studio at London; for the ORTF/France Culture in Paris and for the RTVE and RNE in Madrid. Besides, he has also published two albums with Zyklus, one with his duet Fases (with Pedro López, 1997) and some recordings with Butch Morris, Steve Noble, Markus Breuss, the Symphonic Orchestra of Madrid and others.



with Zyklus:

  • Interface (CD, Música sin fin, 1990)
  • Nude (CD, 1993)

with Fases (Pedro López & Wade Matthews):

  • Fases (CDr, 1997)



"He combines some of the best abilities of his instrument; beauty sounds, vanguardist ideas and capacity of scope in the expression." (EL PAIS)

"A man plenty of ideas… A constant sonorous adventure…" (EL INDEPENDIENTE)





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