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Electronic luthier. His work is centred in the composition of a particular sonorous and musical language, the result of total experimentation using classical instruments (cello, bass, guitar, organ…), sampler and invented instruments. .


Before starting his solo path as Truna, the Valencian Andrés Blasco participated from a young age in diverse musical projects. From the most important ones we need to mention Carmina Burana, group that during ten years worked actively publishing with different record companies and performing numerous concerts in Spain and Europe (Bienal de Arte, 1990 - Tesalónica, Greece). His later collaboration will be with Fitzcarraldo, where he starts to generate a more personal musical language using a collage close to experimentation, editing the CD "Granero Responde Ovejas" (CD, Por Caridad, 1994) and going on several tours through Spain and France. He after moves to Belgium, living there for 4 years, where he dedicates himself entirely to the sonorous experimentation and the creation of new instruments with the King Kong duet.
From 1999 onwards he lives again in Valencia centring his work especially in two areas: the creation of new instruments as electronic luthier and the composition of a particular sonorous and musical language, the result of total experimentation using classical instruments (cello, bass, guitar, organ…), sampler and invented instruments. These new instruments work as sonorous sculptures which Truna also uses as interactive installations, inviting the spectator to play and interpret with them.
His musical facet is extended to other artistic areas such as the dance, collaborating in different shows, and the creation of pieces requested by different artists and exhibitions. He has also shown his works in different art expositions (Ciclos de la Sala Naranja 2000-04, Valencia; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante 2003; Encuentro de Arte Público de Ribarroja 2004; art galleries in Brussels and Liège in 1997...).
Recently he has presented his last work Zoonírico in the Escena Contemporánea festival in the Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid) and in the Festival Nits d´Aielo i Art, both directed by Llorenç Barber.

B. Tena




as Truna:

  • Matamoscas Truna (k7, 1996)
  • Montañas de Egipto Nautico (k7, 1998)
  • Anotaciones sobre el verdadero Gas (miniCD, 2003)
  • Zoonírico-capturar el sueño de los animales (CD & DVD, 2005)

with King Kong:

  • Cheval Champagne (k7, 1996)
  • Bambi Lumiere (CD, 1997)

with Fitzcarraldo:

  • Granero Responde Ovejas (CD, Por Caridad, 1994)
  • Caballo de Fuego" (single, Subterfuge, 1995)
  • Pana Polonia el Almirante, los Polacos (MaxiLP, Fan*Comic 0,9999, 1995)
  • Pepito Grillo y la obscura manzana de Don Arriño (k7, 1995)

with Carmina Burana:

  • El telar de la Locura (Maxi, Twins, 1985)
  • De las danzas Apocrifas (Maxi, Plataforma, 1986)
  • Carmina Burana (LP, Plataforma, 1987)
  • The Apocryphal Dances (LP, Midnightmusic, 1987)
  • 240 Days of May (Maxi, Plataforma, 1987)
  • Carmina Burana (LP, Triquinoise Producciones, 1991)



photo: Begoña Tena

photo: Begoña Tena

photo: Begoña Tena



"Behind this name we find the personality of Andrés Blasco Ramos, former member of two groups from Valencia that reached a certain popularity in the boundaries of rock and experimentation: Carmina Burana and Fitzcarraldo. Later on, he was member of El Otro Ilustre Colegio de Patafísica and left to Belgium, where he took part in several sonic projects and subsequently made performance actions until year 2000. When he returned to Spain, he took up his job as an electronics luthier, created new instruments and performed new actions both in art galleries and in the street. Having in consideration his work, it is impossible to tell the provocative, pataphysical part from the musical one, his performances let fly the freedom of happenings and the thoroughness of dada always in an absolutely personal sonic and scenic background, soaked with humour and white magic." (LEM Festival 2003)





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