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Characteristic name in the avant-garde Spanish music, with one of the most innovatives and extensive trajectories in the electronic soundscape.

El sueño de Hyparco (1988-1998) is embebed in the dark electronic aesthetic mouvement, so called isolationism. Antonio Dyaz, using the nickname Klaus Böhlmann, was the creator of the band, in 1988, working since then with musiciens like D'Onork Eimert, Manuel García, Julián Aragoneses, Doctor Héctor, Dieter Klanze, Fátima Miranda, Suso Saiz or Luis Delgado. One decade later, Hyparco will sleep for ever...
El sueño de Hyparco has made performances in places like Madrid (Centro Reina Sofía, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Teatro Pradillo, SGAE, Espacio "P"), Barcelona (SONAR '94), Vigo (Galería Zen& Cia), Santander (Fundación Caja Cantabria), Sevilla (Universidad Politécnica)... In 1993 performs in New York, in a special night focused on instrumental music, during the New Music Seminar.
Antonio Dyaz (Madrid, 1968) is an artist that comes from so different fields such as Biology or Computer Technology, but who has a strong vocation for Literature. He has won several Narrative awards (Miguel Hernandez, Sonata...) and he has published a volume of poetic prose titled "La clepsidra" (Ed. Libertarias, 1994). He is also an active contributor to many publications such as Diario El Mundo, Diario 16 or Generacion XXI, where he writes reviews on cinema, articles about journeys, the future, ...etc and opinion essays.
He has published, together with Julian Aragoneses, the essay "Arte, Placer y Tecnología", within the collection Ars Futura (Ed. Anaya Multimedia), with a lofty musical, aesthetic and literary content. He has written two novels, "Fabius Dormido", a cyberpunk fantasy about genetic pornography that got to be the finalist in Francisco Umbral Awards (1997), and that was the first novel in Spanish published with commercial purposes in Internet (, 2000), and "En Funchal Perdí Mi Nombre", a psycho-thriller set in Madeira.
Dyaz, under the name of Klaus Böhlmann, founded El Sueño de Hyparco. His records and multimedia shows have always been praised by the critics, who stand out the ambient, dark and high.technological character of his works. His most famous works are "Ambientes Hormonales", "If" and "The Gallery", but other works, such as "Música para Bosques Encantados" or "Pirates" had the approval of the critics as well. "The Gallery", his last work (whose production's process costed him more than four years) is impossible to be understood outside the Internet context. It builds fifteen musical words from fifteen works of Painting Art. The album has several de luxe contributors: Suso Saiz, Javier Paxariño, Klaus Böhlmann, Iury Lech or Luis Delgado.
Antonio Dyaz was also the manager, from 1990 to 1995, of the independent record company Hyades Arts, a pioneer in Spain in the publication of electronic music and new tendencies.
Besides, he is the author of the controversial science-fictional book of poems "Sexo Cero en Gravedad Cero" and of "Mundo Artificial" (Temas de Hoy, 1998), a volume of radical phylosophy about new technologies (Genetics, Internet, Clonation).
He has written and co-directed the short "Labios", where he recreates, with the collaboration of Julián Hernández, Ray Loriga, Juan Manuel de Prada, Lucía Etxebarria, Jesús Palacios, Marcos Giralt, Pedro Maestre and other writers of the new generation, a story about virtual reality and Japanese corporations.
He has just finished the novel "Unicornio", where he talks about the end of the death through technology and religions. Nowadays, he is getting ready the film "Off", whose shooting, in 2001, will take him to a dozen of countries.


as El Sueño de Hyparco:

  • La verdad sobre Lope de Vega y sus contemporáneos (MC, Producciones Hyparco, 1988)
  • Ambientes hormonales (LP, Hyades Arts, 1989)
  • Música para bosques encantados (MC, Producciones Hyparco, 1990)
  • Pirates (MC, Hyades Arts, 1991)
  • If (MC/CD, Hyades Arts, 1993)

as Antonio Dyaz:

  • The Gallery (CD-WEB, 2000)

recopilations - El Sueño de Hyparco:

  • Cuando X se siente herido (CD "Audioscope", Geometrik, 1992)
  • Pavana (CD, "Hyades Museum", Hyades Arts, 1993)
  • Giga (CD, "Nuevas Músicas", SGAE, 1994)
  • The Philipine filibusters / En la cripta (CD, The Sounds Factory, 1994)


  • short film "Platos Combinados" (Jaime Valdueza, 1996)

Books (selection):

  • La clepsidra (Ed. Libertarias, 1994)
  • Mundo Artificial (Temas de Hoy, 1998)
  • Fabius dormido (, 2000)


  • Labios (short film, 2000)
  • Off (DV, 2001)




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