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Musician, Dj, techno-anarchist, creator of musical environments, skater...

Musician, Dj, techno-anarchist, creator of musical environments, skater... Dj Amsia (Euskadi) constructs his sessions and music placing together sonorous pieces, prefabricated or created at the moment, joining them with the intuition of the unique and unrepeatable instant as an instrument, and chaos as a field full of possibilities. Order and disorder, ambient sessions and sonic expansion.
He formed part of Elvis Terrorista Zen and he has developed an intense collaboration with the Corsal Desastre. As a soloist, he recorded a few anthologies, such as "Arritmia", and he also included a theme in the last volume of the "Basque Electronic Diaspora" compilation. He has taken part in festivals such as Ertz 2003 and Confuencias 2004.




photo: Asier Gogortza



"Amsia is a wild runner, full of energy. Slippery, individualistic and working nocturnal, he improvises and composes pieces that always are exercises, of overcoming and knowledge, actions to calm 'amsia'. A feeling that it persecutes to him and with that he persecutes to us giving to us jewels created between his heart and his machines." (Kaldue Desastre - RESONANCIAS / ZONA SONORA)



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