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The sound of Cornucopia (Puerto Rico) is based on the repetition and manipulation of infinitely interlaced sounds.

Cornucopia, a duet composed by Jorge Castro (loop sampler, effects and magnetic tapes) and Claudio Chea (synthesizers and images) was conceived as a project in 1996 by Jorge Castro in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His first works were experiments based on manipulations of retro-feeding and other electronic devices. After years of experimentation, Cornucopia found its current sound: the use of repetition, field recordings and micro-sounds.
The year 2000 brought a new member to Cornucopia, the multimedia artist Claudio Chea, who, apart from contributing with new audio sources, controls the installation of the images that accompany the music in all their live performances. They also created, in 2000 "Eco", a discographic company specialised in publishing productions of artists of concrete music, noise, ambient and other sub-genres.
Up to date, Cornucopia has appeared in 40 discographic productions and compilatories in CD, cassette and LP for 21 discographic companies all over the World.
Both members also work in diverse projects to the margin of Cornucopia. Claudio with >Clik<POP!, project that already counts on presentations in Europe, specifically in the cities of Vienna, Antwerp and the Observatori festival of Valencia. In addition to >Clik<POP!, Claudio practices the concret music in his project called Yituey, with which also he has appeared in Belgium and Holland.
On the other hand, Jorge explores the pure tonalities and concrete music in the project that takes its own name. Also he has made several recordings of improvisation in guitar published by the labels Public Eyesore, Fusion Audio and Ecodiscos.

B. Amanuense



  • Jornadas Intravenosas (CD, Eozoon, Spain)
  • Vibro-Acústica (CD, Generator Sound Art, USA)
  • Perspectives" (3 CDr, Fusion Audio, USA)
  • 1003 (CDr, Eco, Puerto Rico)
  • Cornucopia/k2: Crack The Sun (CD, Solipsism, USA)
  • Cornucopia/Musique:Motpol: 60 years (CD, P/e, USA)
  • Cornucopia/Sickness: Final Noise Music (CD, 9th Circle, USA)
  • Cornucopia/Joshua Norton Cabal: Una bomba más (CD, Audio Intruder, Spain)
  • Cornucopia/Never Presence Forever: 3" (CD, Gameboy, USA)
  • e.r.e. (CD, Hospital Productions, USA)
  • Lifelong Hate Crusade (CD, Tdt Music, Puerto Rico)
  • Christians In Bondage" (CD, Tdt, Puerto Rico)
  • Sense (CD, Tdt, Puerto Rico)
  • Cornucopia / Pablo Reche: Nebula 9.3 (mCDr, Testing Ground, Spain)


  • Cornucopia/Antibody (Loud Cat Productions, USA)
  • Cornucopia/Proof Of The Shooting/Noise Migrane/Kummerlige Forhold (Bizarre Audio Arts, Ecuador)
  • Anger Control (Tdt, Puerto Rico)
  • A Conscious Effort (Tdt, Puerto Rico)
  • Right Through The Head (Tdt, Puerto Rico)
  • The Ultimate Perpetration Of Fraud (Tdt, Puerto Rico)


  • The Disease Industry (7" EP, Ataxie Disques, France)


  • Paraiso Holocausto (red wire) (2 CD, Genital Prod., Mexico)
  • Noise Conglomerate Vol. 3 (CDr, Anti-Everything, USA)
  • An Anthology Of Noise (2 CDr, Fusion Audio, USA)
  • Música Casual - Cero (CDr, Rojo y Negro, Puerto Rico)
  • Noise Today Vol. 1 (CDr, Tdt, Puerto Rico)
  • Analogous Indirect (LP, Public Eyesore, USA)
  • White Noise Underground (CDr, Hardcore Elite, USA)
  • Noise In The Net (CDr,
  • Reconstruct The Caos #1 (CDr, Audio Intruder Pain, Spain)
  • Reconstruct The Caos #2 (CDr, Audio Intruder Pain, Spain)
  • Depth Of Beyond (2 C60, Troniks, USA)
  • Psignalpath (CD, Noiseweb, USA)
  • Out Disco (CDr, Out, Japan)
  • Infra - Red Healing (CDr, Hospital Productions, USA)





Programmed (excerpt)

1029 (excerpt)


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