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Composer, performer and musicologist. Since 1980 he has utilized overtone singing, improvisation, bells, plurifocal music, phonetic poetry and urban concerts.

Composer, performer and musicologist, Llorenç Barber was born in Aielo de Malferit in 1948, and lives in Madrid since 1972. From 1979 to 1984 he directed the Aula de Música of the Complutense University of Madrid. From 1987 to 1990 he worked with Spanish National Television on the program El Mirador. Since 1990 he has been a professor at the Institute of Esthetics in Madrid and since 1992 he directs Paralelo Madrid, a concert series at the Circulo de Bellas Artes dedicated to "other musics". Since 1998 he organizes also "Nits d'Aielo i Art" an annual event devoted to experimental art.
Since 1980 he has utilized overtone singing, improvisation, bells, plurifocal music, phonetic poetry, urban concerts with bells and the marathon concerts "from sundown to sunup" ("de sol a sol").
He shares and complements his musical activity creating an performing with Fátima Miranda in groups suchs as Flatus Vocis Trio (text as music), or the Taller de Música Mundana (1978; which Robert Ashley called one of the most important new music experiences in Europe).
Among his concerts on both sides of the Atlantic, mention should be made of his recital at the Musikverein in Vienna (October 1990), Music for Cosmic Transit in Oaxaca (México), wich coincided with the total eclipse of the sun in July 1991, the concert which closed the World Music Days (ISCM Festival, 1993), another closure concert in 1994 in Lisbon as European Cultural Capital, and the opening one in 1996 in Copenhague, again for the city being European Cultural Capital.
In recent years, after "sounding" more than 150 cities in Argentina, Austria, Brasil, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Eslovenia, France, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, Italy, México, Poland, Portugal, U.K., etc. his urban landscape citizens concerts have grown with the inclusion of drums, cannons, sirens, ships, fireworks, and most of all, spatially distribuited wind bands. This led to Naumaquia, a concert-battle with the participation of 19 ships of the Spanish fleet, or the Concert of the Senses, a synesthesic spatial composition with the participation of 1700 musicians.



  • Sacra Lucus (Concierto de campanas de Lugo, Unió Musics, Mallorca, 1992)
  • Concierto para campanarios y espadañas de la cludad de Granada (CD, Hyades Arts, Madrid, 1992)
  • Gaudeamus Igitur (CD)
  • Linguopharincampanology (CD, Hyades Arts, Madrid, 1994)
  • Signa (CD, Santander, 2000)
  • Glockenkonzert (CD, Cubacultur, Münster, 2000)
  • Campanas e sonus (CD, Centro Sardo Studi e Richerche, 2001)

with Taller de Música Mundana:

  • Concierto para papel (Grabaciones Accidentales, 1987)

with Triángulo (LLorenç Barber, Fátima Miranda y Dino del Monte):

  • Triángulo (CD, 1987, Música sin fín, 2000)

with Flatus Vocis Trio (LLorenç Barber, Fátima Miranda y Bartolomé Ferrando):

  • Grosso modo (CD, Xiu Records, 1990)

Conciertos de Ciudades (urban landscape citizens concerts) (selection):

  • Ontinyent, Valencia: Vivos Voco, 1988
  • Avila: Campanas y Almenas, 1988
  • Huesca: Concierto Oscense, 1989
  • La Laguna: Campanas de Aguere, 1990
  • Sevilla: Amare Mariam, 1990
  • Oaxaca: Vísperas, 1991
  • El Arreciado, Toledo: De sol a sol, 1991
  • Madrid: Magna Mater, 1991
  • Puebla: Voco vos, 1991
  • Città di Castello, Italy: Castrum Felicitatis, 1992
  • Rimini, Italy: Dal sole al sole, 1992
  • Santander: Campanas para Santander, inmemoriam para John Cage, 1992
  • Granada: Gaudeamus Igitur, 1992
  • Maastricht: Grandmeer Concert, 1993
  • Cartagena: Naumaquia a Isaac Peral, 1993
  • Cholula, México: Vaniloquio Campanero, 1993
  • La Habana: Música Pionera, 1994
  • Lisboa: Olisipo Concerto, os sons da sétima colina, 1994
  • Barcelona: Roraate, una pluja de campanes al barri gotic de Barcelona, 1995
  • Copenhage: Memento Voces, 1996
  • Paris: Música Volante, 1996
  • London: The grand design: A City Symphony for the London Borough of Croydon, 1996
  • Ciudad de México: Noche de ecos, 1997
  • Salzburgo: Heritage, ein glockenckonzert fur die stadt Salzburg, 1997
  • Stockholm: Borealis concert. A midsummer night concert; 1998
  • Buenos Aires: Será Buenos Aires, 1998
  • Santiago de compostela: ¡Santiago!, 1999
  • Nüremberg: Meister. glocken. singer. stadt. symphonie, 2000
  • Santander: Signa, 2000
  • Hannover: Hoc Donum. Eine glocken koncert für die standt von Hannover, 2001
  • Reims: Concierto de campanas de la catedral de Reims, 2001


  • Llorenç Barber: John Cage, Círculo de Bellas, Madrid, 1985
  • Llorenç Barber: Mauricio Kagel, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, 1986
  • Llorenç Barber: Erik Satie, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, 1989
  • Llorenç Barber: Escritos 1, Gramáticas del agua, Málaga,1996
  • Ruben López Cano: Música plurifocal: Conciertos de ciudades de Llorenç Barber, JGH Editores, México, 1997
  • Llorenç Barber: O Roma nobilis, Genaralitat Valenciana, 1999





"Llorenç Barber has created a new way to understand always discussed concept of music. Evolving from the sonorous poetry works in the group Taller de Música Mundana or in the almost mythical Flatus Vocis Trio where worked with the sonorous poet Bartolomé Ferrando and the experimental singer Fátima Miranda until getting to reach his own identity through the immense sonic possibilities that they already confer the use to him of his famous prepared bells." (Ismael González Cabral - MUNDO CLASICO.COM)



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