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Cluster · SoiSong · Gudrun Gut
Sachiko M · Komputer · Wilson Sukorski
Pink Twins · Aixònoéspànic · 1605munro
Rubén García · Félix Lazo · Durán Vázquez
Sons Of Bronson · oe3+yaco · Jazznoize
Dynamo · Aldo Linares · DJ cinemaScope
Machines Désirantes · Things Happen
+ Exhibition of audio projects
Medialab-Prado AVLAB 1.0 Call:
Bri 2.0 · W_space...

+ Conferences / Chats:
Politrónica (Politronic) > conference by Oriol Rossell
La España electrónica de los 80 (The Electronic Spain of the 80s)
> conference by Andrés Noarbe
La geografía del sonido (Sound's Geography) > chat with Daniel Gonzalez, Jorge Haro and Rubén García . Presentation by Javier Piñango
+ Workshops:

Historia de la música electrónica (History of Electronic Music)
> with Oriol Rossell
Plunderphonics: reciclaje sonoro (Plunderphonics: Sonorous Recycling) > with Anki Toner


Sound's geography
Nature, cities and sonorous processes.
Environment, physical space as a generator of sound and its influence and repercussion on the architecture of sound.
Instead of focusing on the musical panorama of a particular country or continent, Experimentaclub aims this year to analyse in depth how the environment surrounding the artist influences the dimensions, limits and personality of his work by X-raying the generated space and also to define the work of artists from all over the world… each coming from very different worlds themselves: from Asia to South America, from Europe to North America, from vertical cities to horizontal ones and from water to stone.
The Experimentaclub'08's sonic journey goes further than maps and countries to investigate the smallest location of sound, showing a new format that multiplies contents and stimulates the space it has devoted during these last years for divulgation and for words. On the 2nd of October will take place the presentation of the exhibition of projects chosen from the Medialab-Prado AVLAB 1.0 call. This will be followed by three days fully loaded with concerts, audiovisual sessions and conferences. Plus a novelty: two theoretical workshops centred in the history of electronic music and in sonorous appropriationism.
SoiSong (the new project by Peter Christopherson -Coil, Throbbing Gristle- and Ivan Pavlov -CoH-), Cluster (historical veterans of the German experimental electronic scene), Gudrun Gut (ex-Malaria! and responsible for the label Monika Enterprise), the Japanese Sachiko M (Otomo Yoshihide's usual collaborator), the Brazilian Wilson Sukorski, the Finnish Pink Twins and the Spanish Aixònoéspànic (trio led by Victor Nubla), are some of the renowned artists of this Experimentaclub'08 that will take us on an extensive journey around the field of sonorous art. Investigation, noise, improvisation and audiovisual experimentation that will culminate in an invigorating digestive dessert: the electropop of the British Komputer.
Eight years already of an Experimentaclub that reinvents itself, in continuous movement...


international experimental music festival
2nd to 5th october 2008
patio, auditorio, sala audiovisual, espacios D y E
price: 3 € auditorio - 9 € patio, sala audiovisual, espacios D y E - 40 € workshops
sale of tickets from monday 1st september:, tel. + 34 902 488 488 and La Casa Encendida


Previous editions

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Organized by:
c/Pez, 27 - 2º pta. 5 - 28004 Madrid -Tel: + 34 91 521 35 78

La Nota Producciones Musicales
c/Antonio Maura, 16 - 5º Izq. - 28014 Madrid - Tel: + 34 91 524 19 42

La Casa Encendida - Obra Social Cajamadrid
c/Ronda de Valencia, 2 - 28012 Madrid - Tel: + 34 902 43 03 22

Wilson Sukorski, Félix Lazo, oe3+yaco, 1605munro, DJ cinemaScope and Jorge Haro
are presents at Experimentaclub'08 within the artistic project 2008 EXP+LIMb0.
With the support of:

AECID - Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo


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La Casa Encendida - Tel: + 34 91 506 38 84
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Visual Ambient Design Experimentaclub'08 at La Casa Encendida: Pablo Vega

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Translation: Silvia Jaunsolo
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