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whitehouse . carter tutti
david thomas and pale gagarins
otomo yoshihide . chris cutler . keith rowe
dat politics . vladislav delay . philip jeck
rag-time (grimo + pierre bastien)
augsburger tafelconfect . a*class . jorge haro
pap a rappper . incite/ . alfredo costa monteiro
nista nije nista . bruno & michel are smiling with skipperrr
peeesseye . william bennett (dj) . tra$h converters
oriol rossell . jesús brotons . lost in heaven . elena cabrera
rafaël (+ tektun) . iván gómez-españa . nikky schiller
festival minúsculo <tiny festival>:
sound> pablo rega . riccardo massari . ingar zach . wade matthews
video> ruth barberán . elois s. + nicolas ferrier . zol . adolf alcañiz
ideas <ideas - conversations about musical alternatives>:
recorded music . misexplained music . applied music . materialized music

gramophonia <exhibition>


The sixth edition of Experimentaclub took place at La Casa Encendida (Madrid) from the 4th to the 8th of October 2006. Experimentaclub is a festival that each year exhibits at La Casa Encendida the main international artists of the experimental music scene. A consolidated date that year by year has turned into a necessary reference, not only at a national level but also internationally, of the transgressor musics panorama, those marked by risks and nonconformism. In this way Experimentaclub, to emphasise its free and eclectic character, in its idea of promoting a meeting point for artists, audience and media, marked always by its capacity to surprise, crosses with this year's program the less visited and more extreme paths of the electronic music, the noise, the improvisation, the minimalism, the non-conventional pop...; creations and artists at the limit on the search for other sonorous and visual codes.

Organized by Experimentaclub and La Nota Producciones, with the sponsorship of CajaMadrid's Obra Social that also provides the emplacement, Experimentaclub'06 presented in this sixth edition artists such as Whitehouse, Carter Tutti (known before as Chris & Cosey, ex-Throbbing Gristle) or David Thomas (Pere Ubu's main figure), three fundamental personalities in the development and evolution of electronic music, noise and experimental rock. However this year's program dedicated a special attention to artists with a long musical career on the avant-garde scene, such as the British Keith Rowe (AMM) or Chris Cutler (ex-Henry Cow). And it presented the novelty of a thematical stage. Under the englobement of the name Gramophonia, this new proposal was centered on the infinite possibilities offered by vinyls and turntables, manipulated by international artists such as Otomo Yoshihide, Philip Jeck, Rag-Time (Grimo + Pierre Bastien united in a unique and singular proposal) or the Portuguese Alfredo Costa Monteiro. Gramophonia was completed with a really special exhibition gallery showing extremely surprising machines, turntables and vinyls.

Unclassified rhythms and suggestive proposals from the electronic and experimental international scene were explored at Experimentaclub'06. Artists such as the French Dat Politics, Vladislav Delay (Finnish Berliner), Jorge Haro (from Argentina), the Japanese Pap A Rappper (MissHawaii and E-Da, Boredoms' ex-drummer), the newyorkers peeesseye with their noisy improvisation, Nista Nije Nista... Going on a transversal tour across the electroGermany, produced at Hamburg and Berlin by artists such as Augsburger Tafelconfect, A*Class, Incite/ or the indescribable and absolutely crazy Bruno & Michel Are Smiling With Skipperrr, in charge of closing the festival on Sunday 8th October.

Besides all of this, Dj's and Vj's created, day after day at the courtyard of La Casa Encendida, a wide space dedicated to unconventional listening and vision, amongst which we can highlight William Bennett (Whitehouse) or the Portuguese Tra$h Converters (in charge of the label Variz). Experimentaclub'06 returned in this edition to the exchange of ideas and opinions between artists, journalists and audience at "Ideas - conversations about musical alternatives" and consolidated the Tiny Festival (Festival Minúsculo). This very special section of the festival, exclusively centered in the exploration of small formats, opened for the first time last year being one of the most acclaimed proposals. Incorporating this year the use of video as an additional element, the sonorous improvisation and the intimacy shared between musician and audience are the main attractives of this surprising subfestival: a personal date with extreme minimalism and improvisation provided by Pablo Rega, Riccardo Massari Spiritini, Ingar Zach and Wade Matthews.

The best images of Experimentaclub'06 are available at this website in a complete picture gallery.



international experimental music festival
4th to 8th october 2006
patio, auditorio, sala audiovisual, espacios D - E
daily entrance: 12 €
sale of tickets from friday 1st september:, tel. + 34 902 22 16 22 and La Casa Encendida



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