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faust . tuxedomoon . kreidler . david shea
fennesz . so . jason forrest/donna summer
chris clark (visuals by matt burden) . nova huta . manual
felix kubin . pablo reche . the evolution control committee
io casino & vj edrok . strand . eli gras . les moines frères
diego a. manrique . djitter . dj amsia . immer moff
onda sonora radio . be turbio . anarqera . lost in heaven
tag magic's visual circus . . nikky schiller
intervocálica.exp (poetry / polipoetry):
john giorno . accidents polipoètics . onophon . tracy splinter
lesego rampolokeng . eduard escoffet . el niño carajaula
visual-ex (film and video)


The fourth edition of Experimentaclub took place at La Casa Encendida (Madrid) from the 6th to the 10th of October 2004. Experimentaclub is an annual encounter and by now a consolidated meeting point for the most reknown international artists of the experimental music scene with the Madrid public. Five days of sonic excitement with risk and exploration as creative motors. Five days of absolute complicity between an audience eager to discover new sounds and artists devoted, in the full sense of the word, to give the best of themselves, in this festival which has achieved full maturity.

Looking back, and with our minds set on what Experimentaclub'05 will be, the record of these four past editions included the presence of artists of the stature of Faust, Tuxedomoon, Wire, Mouse On Mars, Scanner, AMM, Fennesz, David Shea, Jad Fair, Kim Cascone, Monolake, Kreidler or Tarwater, to mention only a few of the most significative. The growingly receptive response of the public and media, cannot be more gratifying. Year after year our programs have had their own personality, mixing the almost imposible. The determination, on first thoughts, almost the absurdity because of the dificulty involved, of bringing an emblematic group such as Faust to Spain for the first time. Mythical names of the musical avant-garde, 'oldies' but still as intense, transgressive 'enfants terribles' who saw the light during the punk-years, the most uneasy electronic underground of the past decade and new creators who are now taking a step further in any direction susceptible of generating unsafe sounds. Artists from around the world, and obviously, the most significant spanish artists.

Year after year, on the whole, we've given shape to a festival born out of our own condition of fans. Experimentaclub has a very personal (and we suppose subjective) character, which gains purpose with the warm response of public and artists: it's raison d'etre. The fact is Experimentclub longs to be a different festival, we in fact think it is much more than a mere series of gigs however outstanding these may be. In reality Experimentaclub is a gathering which for almost a week brings together artists of generations, styles and nationalities completely far apart which at the same time contain common elements. This complicity born every year at the backstage of La Casa Encendida can be felt on each one of the stages of the festival. It's what gives the definitive character to what we call Experimentaclub.

La Casa Encendida has become a fundamental part of the very meaning of Experimentaclub. Specially thanks to its' philosophy daring to be a more than neccesary resonance box for unconventional artistic proposals, something a city like Madrid had needed for years. Also the characteristics of the space itself: small scale, ideal to listen and see as we understand a live show at Experimenaclub. The fact is, this festival is intent in not falling to the 'lure of the sirens call' to make it grow above its adequate dimensions. Would you prefer to watch Wire in a space meant for 600 people or in one meant for 20.000?.

On the other hand, the two previous editions of Intervocálica.exp (microfestival of poetry and polipoetry) 2003 and 2004, both taking place at La Casa Encendida as part of the program of Experimentaclub, have fully confirmed the neccessity for this unique and singular proposal, dedicated to poetry from a non academic perspective to renew and add life to it on the stage. The excellent reception in both editions on behalf of the public and media, specially in this last 2004 edition, make it clear that this project has it's own identity to exist as a completely autonomous festival based around the exploration and possibilities of poetry in the 21th century: including performance, spoken word, sound art, voice, music, images and the possible combinations of all these elements. This new festival see the light in 2005 under the name Yuxtaposiciones > microfestival of poetry and polipoetry.

On stage, always open for surprise of Intervocálica.exp, we've seen in the two last editions internationally reknown figures such as John Giorno from the United States, Tracy Splinter and Lesego Rampolokeng from South Africa, Anne-James Chaton from France or Jörg Piringer and Onophon from Austria. As well as spanish artists such as Enric Casasses, Accidents Polipoètics, Bartomeu Ferrando or Eduard Escoffet. We've also given special emphasis to the interaction of words and images with projections and screenings of documentaries such as "Poesía en vivo en Barcelona <1991-2003>" (Live Poetry in Barcelona <1991-2003>) or Isaki Lacuesta's film "Cravan vs Cravan".

The best images of Experimentaclub'04 are available at this website in a complete picture gallery.


2nd and 3rd october 2004
entrance: sala de proyecciones (free), auditorio (2 €)
sale of tickets from wednesday 29th september:, tel. + 34 902 22 16 22 and La Casa Encendida

international experimental music festival + visual-ex
6th to 10th october 2004
patio, auditorio, salas 1 & 2, sala de proyecciones
daily entrance: 10 € (
wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday), 5 € (sunday)
sale of tickets from monday 20th september:, tel. + 34 902 22 16 22 and La Casa Encendida



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