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Experimentaclub'03 has been a complete success as for programming, organization and public, reaching already the final consolidation as annual festival of experimental music of Madrid.

The sale of all the available entrances confirms one more time the great interest and curiosity of the public by this type of proposed musicals and by the discovery of new sounds and artists.

And also we have verified, as already happening in previous editions, the interaction that is produced among the own artists, being converted also they in public. Experimentaclub is a point of encounter and creative focus among musicians of very diverse origins, styles and generations: a festival open to all musical iniciatives which have experimentation in common, along with an artist's attitude towards the development of their work, regardless of style: electronic, jazz, improvisation, rock, electroacoustic, etc.

Experimentaclub presented in the edition 2003 a major international presence with renowned names such as Wire, AMM, Tarwater, Jad Fair o Monolake to mention a few. And continued with its firm support for the most daring Spanish music, unknown to the majority of the general public.

But Experimentaclub is not only a music festival. In this third edition has dedicated also a special attention to other artistic disciplines (poetry, film and video) in which the search for new languages, a passion for risk and in finding other forms of expression are also the protagonists. Experimentaclub' 03 was completed with the presentation of Intervocálica.exp (polipoetry) and Visual-Ex (experimental film and video).

The better images of Experimentaclub'03 are available in this web in a very complete photographic album. These they are the artists that performed in the festival:

wire . tarwater . monolake . amm

felix kubin . kim cascone

jad fair & lumberob

schlammpeitziger . andreas tilliander

mikael stavöstrand . convolution

s.k.s. (serial killer sound) . balago

tres . dead capo . eduardo polonio

mastretta . f-on . krapoola . akasha

mike ibañez ('vietnam rose bit vox')

kris rotor . doctor professor munárriz

el gran patchinko (aka bruno galindo)

ruben cd + e. valiente (hypnotica / unidad rec)


intervocálica.exp (poetry / polipoetry):

enric casasses . anne-james chaton

jordi teixidó . bartomeu ferrando

jörg piringer . dídac p. lagarriga


visual-ex (film and video)



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