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Experimentaclub offers, in this second edition, one week dedicated to the artistic creation (music, cinema, video) characterized by the search of new languages and different forms of expression.

The program of Experimentaclub'02 also presents Visual-Ex, a cycle dedicated to the relation between the image and electronic music. Under this name will be offered films, videos, pieces of flash, etc…

The artists who will take part from 16th to 20th October (Wednesday to Sunday) in Experimentaclub'02 are:

mouse on mars
norbert möslang & eRikm
pierre bastien
iury lech
eduardo polonio
agustí fernández
koji asano
nad spiro
breuss-arrizabalaga quintet
wade matthews, a. bravo, n. gallego
abril padilla / graciela lopez
games addiction
proyecto mirage
dj fred.tassy calm "réal chill-out..."
justo bagüeste (ipd)
fernando mástil
visual-ex: cinema and video

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Organized by:
La Nota Producciones Musicales
La Casa Encendida
Obra Social Cajamadrid

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