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EXPERIMENTACLUB' 00 Festival was a huge success. From here, we want to thank to all the people involved in the realisation of the project as well as to all the people who were present in the different concerts carried out between the days 30th of April and 2nd of May in La Casa del Reloj (Madrid). There were fourteen concerts (apart from the different performances and debates) performed by fourteen groups and artists who have helped to demonstrate again that, through different styles and expression means, there will always be musicians united by an heterodox, risky, disobedient, breaking and imaginative character. That is why we are able to announce now that EXPERIMENTACLUB' 01 is getting going, and that we hope it to be an even better and more ambitious edition.

most significant beat

destroy mercedes

mil dolores pequeños
ascaso + sedcontra

la tele

nubla ignorant 3d


el público


In such a festival like EXPERIMENTACLUB' 00, it could not fail a discussion forum where all those burning questions related to musical creation, its brand new vehicles and expression means, as well as its final broadcasting, could be implanted. There were debates about the appropriation of the sound, the free improvised music and the impact produced by Internet and mp3 audio files in the musical medium. Diego Manrique, Pedro López and Tomás Fdo. Flores acted as moderators, while Silvia Grijalba, Oriol Rossell and Pablo Gil (journalists), Anki Toner (musician), Paco Trinidad (producer), Jordi Gratakós (representing Vitaminic) and Jaime Munárriz (from Experimentaclub) were the participants in the different debates.

Silvia Grijalba, Diego Manrique, Anki Toner.  
Pablo Gil, Tomás Fdo. Flores, Jaime Munárriz, Anki Toner.  
Paco Trinidad, Jordi Gratakós, Pablo Gil.  
Oriol Rossell, Silvia Grijalba.  


Within EXPERIMENTACLUB' 00 programme, there was also a space dedicated to the performances where music is a special protagonist. This has been the first step for our purpose to complete the strictly musical programme of the festival with another parallel experimental activities such as video and film showings, exhibitions..., etc, in order for them to enrich it more on its next editions.



Pistolo Eliza


Alberto Lomas


David Alarcón y Boke Bazán






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